Wednesday, December 5, 2007


B.C.9 th century jambulochana chakravarthy was constructed jammu town on river bank of "tavi"and also he constructed "bahu durgam"
In o.c . 1730 "dogra"king dhruva devudu very well developed "jammu tavi"
jammu tavi is 2nd biggest town in jammu kashmir stete.jammu is plain land in this state.jammu situated at starting place of himalaya jammu the climate is normal heat.The old jammu developed at the river bank of "tavi".
And the new jammu developed widenly at tavi river bank other side.Bus station situated at old jammu and railway situated at new jammu.There are rest rooms,hotels at old jammu and new jammu.central government under taking
"gulabi bhavan"is giving best accomidation at jammu.Raghu natha temple constructed in 1835 and rama veereswara temple consructed in 1883.these two temples are very famous in jammu.the tourists are very much intrest to watch these two temples. Dogra rajas monuments musium,kangra rajas "sookshma silpa kalakrutulu"Bashli rajas historical monuments situated at "gandhi bhavan".
newly constructed secrateriate,amar palace are very intresting to see.
At train route jammu is 539 k.m from new delhi.From delhi,chandighar andamruthasar thre is air service to jammu.
After seeing of jammu the tourists are to plan to seeing dharma sala.chamba
and dulhousi etc.from pathan kota.
For local travelling to see the places taxis,autos,tempos,mini suses are available at regional prices.Through out the year jammu tour is suitable for tourists.

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